Church Cheerleader and Promoter Pack

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Show these materials to your church leadership and the entire congregation! People need to know that these items are available! 

You will receive:

a. 30% Discount on all future orders of the Urban Spirit! Bibles, books and gifts so that you can order for yourself, your church and anyone that may be interested at a great price!

b. Vintage Children of Color Bible Cover with Jesus and children surrounding Him. This Bible cover has a robust zipper and a convenient handle to make carrying easier, especially for small children.  Fits the Children of Color Holy Bible Royal Purple and Children of Color Bible Hardcover perfectly.

c. Wisdom and Grace Bible for Young Women of Color- Early teens and teens up to age 16 will get the most out of this complete Bible. 

d. The (Praying Hands edition) of the Women of Color Devotional Book. This is a pocket book sized hardcover book. 

e. How to Live A Successful Life with God- charming little book that all denominations and believers will really appreciate. Give it to new Christians and seasoned Christians alike.

f. Postcards, door-knockers and four color order forms that will make sharing about these items easier.

This package is for those who appreciate the mission and products that Urban Spirit publishes, will give some effort to telling others about them and where to order these items and expects to take advantage of the 30% discount in the future to order more.