My First Bible for Children of Color LARGE edition (Adam & Eve cover)

My First Bible for Children of Color LARGE edition (Adam & Eve cover)

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My First Bible is a collection of favorite Bible stories that introduces young children to the stories of the Bible. Designed especially for Children of Color, these stories teach young children to trust and believe in Jesus and to make Jesus real in their lives.

Each story can be read by your child or you can read them aloud to your children so they can easily grasp the importance of the gospel message.

This is a Padded Board Book for children 0 - 6 years old. 

This NEW LARGE Edition 6" x 9" features the new cover with Adam & Eve.

Everything on the inside is the same as the original version.

This  larger edition makes it easier for Grandparents, Sunday School Teachers, Parents to read to their children and show the pictures simultaneously. Kids who like big books will love it too! - Also available with a CD that narrates the book with music and sound effects.





From Amazon:

on December 20, 2016
The artwork in this Bible book is amazing! My daughter loves the pictures and she's only one. What Lee has done is revolutionary for people of color!

on March 22, 2016
It is a an excellent starter Bible for young children. It is relatable and children enjoy carrying a bible they can understand and is just like the "grown ups"...but just for them....they love it and so do I.

on February 28, 2015
Other renditions of the bible have lacked diversity in the characters. I love this children's bible for my daughter which provides a realistic portrayal of characters.

on October 7, 2012
I purchased this bible for my granddaughter and absolutely love it. I came across this bible on a circle y camp site and since my children had attended it made this even more special knowing the author was a circle y camper. My granddaughter is a year old so the thick pages make this perfect for her first bible.

on August 8, 2017
Great illustrations for the children to help comprehend the stories.

on October 22, 2015
Thanks I've been searching high and low for a bible with our culture represented the right way

on June 4, 2016
The stories are presented in a child friendly way, and I like the fact that it is a board book so my toddler can flip through it alone. However, I wish it had more stories. It's not a complete Bible and is very limited in the stories presented.

on May 2, 2015
It's what I expected and I plan to purchase more for my children library am building.

on July 19, 2015
love it !