Precepts for Living - Pastor's Edition -UMI Annual Commentary 2018 -2019

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The complete Precepts For Living® PLUS weekly sermon outlines and topical outlines for holidays and special occasions.

Take your knowledge, understanding, and application of the Bible deeper with the 2018-2019 Precepts for Living® annual Bible commentary! An indispensable, convenient resource for every Bible teacher and serious student of God’s Word, this premiere commentary includes verse-by-verse study, historic and cultural background, parallel KJV/NLT text, and much more.

A full year’s worth of in-depth Bible studies following the texts of the International Uniform Bible Lessons series.

Each weekly lesson includes:

8-10 pages of commentary and applications for each day’s reading
Printed KJV AND NLT text for each lesson
In-depth verse-by-verse commentary
Historical and cultural background
Discussion, application and reflection questions
Greek and Hebrew word studies
“Say It Correctly” pronunciation guide
Relevant profiles of influential African Americans
Teaching tips and activity suggestions for 52 weekly lessons
Worship guide with suggested songs and devotional readings