Pro Level / Church Distributor Kit

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Select the Pro Level /Church Distributor Kit and receive a 55% discount on all of your future orders! The total cost of the Pro Level /Church Distributor Kit is $249.99 and you receive $555.00 worth of Bibles and books that you can sell immediately. When you sell all of the Bibles and books in this kit for the full retail price, your profit will be $305.00. This kit is designed for Churches who want to introduce our Bibles and books to their congregation.

Churches also use this kit for fundraising for large and small projects. People who have a high number of contacts or a high level of drive and inspiration should get this kit. You are also able to offer the Bibles and books to your family, friends, coworkers and fellow church members. You can engage your whole team with these unique and fast selling important items.

Many people choose to become distributors of our Bibles and books because they really appreciate the Christ-centered focus, high-quality craftsmanship , rich content and the Pride, Power and Confidence they bring to those who read them. We look forward to you joining our team today.