Urban Spirit! Independent Distributor  Pro Level / Church Distributor Kit

Urban Spirit! Independent Distributor Pro Level / Church Distributor Kit

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Become an Urban Spirit! Independent Distributor - Pro Level/Church 

Start today!

It's fun, it's easy and very fulfilling!!!

This is how it works:

Step #1 - Purchase this "Pro Level/ Church Distributor Starter Kit". The cost is just $249.99. Inside the kit is everything you need to get started.  You get over $555.00 worth of Bible and books, you will also receive - promotional materials (postcards, door-knockers and a distributor manual. The manual is full of tips and suggestions on how to sell these items successfully.

After you purchase the kit, you then qualify to get a 55% discount on all of your future purchases of our fine Bibles and books. (This happens automatically in your shopping cart and you can always give us a call).


Step #2- Take the Bibles and books (and promo materials) and show them to as many people as you can, people at your barber and beauty shops, at book- tables, special events, to people at church and people throughout your community. When people see the inside of the books they want them right away!


Step #3- Sell them the items right from your kit or use them as samples so that you will always have them available for the next potential customer.

When you sell them for the full retail price, you earn 55%. You pay a little less than half to get the Bibles and books, charge the retail price and you earn the other half.  Of course, a lot of people will want a 'better price' but it's up to you as an Independent Distributor to negotiate the price and get the order/sale. (The actual retail price is printed on the back of each book)


Total Cost Only: $249.99


No Set-Up Fee: $29.99 value (Valid through 12/31/2019)

No Shipping and Handling Fees

No Minimum order size


You will receive over $555.00 worth of books at the retail price. 


One of the key benefits is 55% off all of your future orders!


Because we are constantly releasing new titles we reserve the right to change the items in the kit.  You will always receive over $555.00 worth of books.


**Below is a list of some of the items you can look forward to receiving in your kit.**

Children of Color Storybook Bible  (original)   $19.99
Children of Color Storybook Bible (Boy with crown)  $19.99
My First Bible for Children of Color  (original)   $12.99
My First Bible for Children of Color (LARGE) Adam& Eve cover  $19.99
Children of Color Holy Bible (Royal Purple Imit.leather) $19.99
Children of Color Holy Bible ( Hardcover)   $24.99
Jonah and the Big Fish   $6.99
Jesus Walk on the Water  $6.99
The Birth of Jesus  $6.99
Promises from God for Real Women  $12.99
Promises from God for Men of Color  $11.99
Promises from God for Women of Color  $9.99
Women of Color Daily Devotional Fall/Winter  $14.99
Women of Color Daily Devotional Spring/Summer  $14.99
Women of the Bible for Women of Color $14.99


"The fact that bookstores have been closing in large numbers in recent years, especially in the African-American, Christian bookstore category offers an immense opportunity for individuals/groups/churches who take advantage of this program".

The population of people of color continues to grow!

 -- Mel Banks II - Publisher.


Churches also use this kit for fundraising for large and small projects. People who have a high number of contacts or a high level of drive and inspiration should get this kit. You are also able to offer the Bibles and books to your family, friends, co-workers and fellow church members. You can engage your whole team with these unique and fast selling items.

Sometimes churches (or someone from the church) buy the kit just to get the Bibles at a discount. 

Many people choose to become a PRO Level distributor of our Bibles and books because they really appreciate the Christ-centered focus, high-quality craftsmanship, rich content and the Pride, Power and Confidence they bring to those who read them. It's rewarding and fulfilling!

We look forward to you joining our team today


****Table-covers not included. See US Tablecovers product offer***