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5 stars
Ordered these bibles for the children to use in Sunday School and they love them


Great book for children of color. It's inportant to have children immersed in hues similar to their own. It builds self love and acceptance .


The pictures are beautiful! My son is so interested in learning about the pictues!!!!

Mrs. Dunn

I really LOVE this bible. It's absolutely beautiful. The pictures are gorgeous and the quality is wonderful. i have already reviewed the other offers by this publication house and i ordered other bibles for my friends children. It's so important for children to see themselves reflected in the Truth of the Word. i absolutely recommend his bible for all parents of small children.

Ms. Harris

"Wow! I didn't expect the Children of Color Holy Bible to have such a big impact on the program. So many students signed up for Sunday School. They love the pictures inside. Every Sunday some child or some child's mom is thanking me for giving their child a Bible and great VBS memories. Thanks for creating such a powerful resource we can give away!"

Kim McWhorter, VBS Director

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Snippets from the Children of Color Storybook Bible 4 CD Audio Set - 61 Stories- Hours of enjoyment!

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Snippets from the Children of Color StorybookBible 4 CDAudio Set