Urban Spirit! Independent Distributor Starter Kit -Bibles and Books for People of Color

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Select the Independent Distributor Kit and receive a 50% discount on all of your future orders of Urban Spirit Publishing Company's products. Every Bible and Book that we publish is now available to you at a 50% discount. Inside of your kit will be $200.00 dollars or more of our fine Bibles and books that you can sell right away. When you sell them at the full price, you earn $100.00 profit-   The current cost is only $99.99 you will receive over $200.00 worth of Bibles and books until Aug. 31. 2019. 

Also included are promotional materials, order form, flyers and your insiders access to all new and upcoming product releases. The US Independent distributor kit has everything you need to get started selling right away. Most distributors do well selling the Bibles to their friends, families, co-workers and church-members. You can even sell them at book tables, special events, churches, barber shops and beauty shops all across the country. There is no limit to your success!

The key benefit is:  the 50% discount on all your future orders.



New price - Urban Spirit Pub Co. Independent Distributor Kit (Basic Level)
Effective Sunday September 1st, 2019 12:01 am EST
$149.99 (over $300.00 worth Bibles & Books)
$29.99  set-up/promo/registration fee
$14.50 Shipping and Handling Cost
(Basic Level )Distributor Kit Includes: 1 each of the following
Children of Color Storybook Bible  (original)   19.99
Children of Color Storybook Bible (Boy with crown)  19.99
My First Bible for Children of Color  (original)   $12.99
My First Bible for Children of Color (LARGE) Adam& Eve cover  $19.99
Children of Color Holy Bible (Royal Purple Imit.leather) $19.99
Children of Color Holy Bible ( Hardcover)   $24.99
Jonah and the Big Fish   (paperback)   $6.99
Jesus Walk on the Water (paperback) $6.99
The Birth of Jesus (paperback)  $6.99
Promises from God for Real Women $12.99
Promises from God for Men of Color $11.99
Promises from God for Women of Color $9.99
Women of Color Daily Devotional Fall/Winter $14.99
Women of Color Daily Devotional Spring/Summer $14.99
Women of the Bible for Women of Color $!4.99
Promotional Materials including:
Catalog, Postcards, Doorknockers
Also including: "Urban Spirit Distributor Manual"  with lots of  tips and suggestions for maximizing your sales opportunity.
Items not included:
Children of Color Audio CD Set $39.99 - not included
Books that include a CD - not included
Distributor - Table Covers - not included
Distributor - Banners - not included
Upcoming - Women of Color Study Bible -- not included - Please pray for its development and release!
Kit contents subject to change without notice... but you will always get over $300.00 {retail price} worth of Bibles and books you can resell in your kit.
The key benefit is:  the 50% discount on all your future orders.


Industry Information

"Bookstores closings in recent years, especially in the Christian and Independent Bookstore category offers an immense opportunity for individuals/groups/churches who take advantage of this program".  -- Mel Banks II - Publisher.


According to statistics released recently, religious books were the publishing industry’s fastest-growing category, with Bible sales alone exceeding 25 million copies annually. And that’s just the tip of the iceberg for the $4.5 billion Christian products industry,* which runs the gamut from Bibles, books and videos to toys and games.

 Of the $23.7 billion spent on books, only $10.7 billion is spent in bookstores. The non-traditional outlets sell more books. –Tami DePalma, Marketability. (2002)

Women buy 68% of all books. –Lou Aronica, Senior V-P Avon Books. Publishers Weekly, March 22, 1999.

Only 32% of the U.S. population has ever been in a bookstore. –David Godine, Publisher.

African Americans owned 4.5 Bibles per household, compared to the national average of 3.9 in 2003, according to the latest survey from Zondervan.

About 65 percent of African Americans report that they read their Bibles frequently, compared to the national average of 40 percent.