Women of Color Daily Devotional Spring Edition -POD- Print on Demand copy

Women of Color Daily Devotional Spring Edition -POD- Print on Demand copy

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Spring Edition

Gaining wisdom is essential for growth in life! -- The New Women of Color Daily Devotional book provides wisdom and gives the reader strength and encouragement to deal with the toils and troubles and the ups and downs of everyday life as a woman of color.

Modern day stories and keen insights make reading The New Women of Color Daily Devotional book fun and fulfilling. Applications and prayers provide insight and reveal God's plan for your life in a variety of situations and circumstances.

This daily devotional contains 12 weeks of devotions, one for every day of the work-week for March, April and May. Everyday there is something powerful and positive to digest on your commute to and from work, your lunch break, or during your private devotional time. Share this powerful devotional tool with a sister, girlfriend or co-worker who might need some inspiration and encouragement! Today.


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Spring Edition

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